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Race Recap: Jet to Jetty 10k

Race: Jet to Jetty Run Walk for Health 2011
Date: August 20th, 2011
Start Time: 8:30AM
Location: Dockweiler Beach, Playa del Rey, CA

10k personal best in the books (beat my previous by a minute and 22 seconds! Wheee!) I now have to work on my half-marathon and I will have gotten a personal best in all 4 distances! 🙂 No pressure on me, though… But not really. AAHHHH! Freaking out. LOL

But first, I have to say that I’m writing this race recap MONTHS after the actual race mostly in part of my lazy blog updates. Ugh. I really want to post more often, but Social Media has taken over me (oh, and work ;)). Still, onto the actual recap!

Thanks to my DailyMile.com post, I have a record of  my state-of-mind back then. 🙂

Warmed up 12 min/mile for the 1st mile, then mile 2 & 3 were @ 11 min/mile. My bro and I were planning to do miles 4 & 5 at 10:30 but splits ended up showing mile 4 at 10:26 (good) and mile 5 at 9:58 (eek). I pressed the “NOS” button too soon (The Fast & Furious reference) and nearly petered-out half-a-mile from the finish. Thankfully, bro had *his* second wind, passed me, and I tailed him (barely) to the finish. I’m pretty sure this is a 10K personal best, but will wait to see official chip time. 😀

This was an “A” race for me. I wanted to get a personal best and I had already planned what I wanted to do; knowing it was a relatively flat course, too. I ended up achieving better than expected (considering my fitness-level), albeit hit my “second wind” button too soon, per my above post. I also ran with my younger brother (whom I call, Li’l Brudder, cos he’s got the Heart of a Champion! and who was registered to do the 5k but didn’t want to wait by himself at the finish so he did the 10k! LOL — Clearly, my family doesn’t think rationally when it comes to running! Hahaha.) Anyway, I’m glad I ran with him because we both got each other through this race and my worries about him pushing it were allayed; my bro’s longest distance had been only 4 miles. Clearly, the young man could go the distance! Way to go, li’l brudder! Just trying to convince him now on doing a half-marathon… 😉


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