Monthly Archives: January 2006

Mammoth Fatalities.

K, this is a bit scary — I mentioned on my Sunday evening post that I witnessed a group of Ski Patrol dudes rushing down Broadway yell [...]

140 files.

I uploaded the photos from my Mammoth weekend trip. You can check them out here. Here're previews: I just realised I have so much [...]

Wicked Weekend Wind.

I love alliterations. Ever since my English teacher (Mr. Frank Farrell) in Jordan told me that alliterations do not have a place in written [...]

Mammoth Weekend!

'm heading off to Mammoth later today with my sistahs (picking them up at their work, actually). I'll pre-post the Chinese New Yea [...]

Added some more photos!

I took them in September 2005, but I only realised that I hadn't posted them yet. So below is a preview pic (it's a self portrait, [...]

I WON! (A Tierney Rides / T-Board)

w00t! Soon, I'll be bombing the hills of Hermosa Beach, maybe even go to PV and carve there. Wherever there's an incline, I' [...]

Summit Adventure

Before I begin, I finally posted the Mammoth Midweek Madness photos: It was particularly a kewl trip 'cuz my friend Dave, albeit a sk [...]

Back from Snow Summit.

Utterly tired. No tricks on the slopes this time but I had two fairly bad wipeouts… Will post details tomorroz. +_+ Congrats on conq [...]

5 hours!

I'm posting from my friend's house, about to go to bed… 5 hours to go 'til our daytrip to Bear Mountain! w00t. Hope the [...]


Google Videos uploaded my amateur snowboarding docuvids. You can view them by searching for “RaDragon Films.” I should be adding [...]
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