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OMG, you're 17! ^_^ My little brudder… He's got a heart of a champion! [...]

Los Angeles Freeway.

I really should bring my camera tomorrow to *show* you how congested the 405 is; that, and I always see something silly or interesting while [...]

Sound bite.

“Can I get a vegetarian salad with chicken?” – Some lady (as overheard by yours truly while I waited for my turn @ the Ce [...]

Lamps speech transcript.

Sincerely yours, Frank A transcript of Frank Lampard's speech to the Footballer of the Year Awards dinner last Thursday night. I was [...]


Ok, I think I finally fixed the IE transparency error. So now I think my site looks the same (more or less) on different browsers. Although, [...]

New boots.

We had a meeting at Niketown (Los Angeles) today for our upcoming “Freedom” series (starts June 4th leading up to the 4th of Jul [...]

Super Chelsea F.C. parade!

Photo Courtesy of the Chelsea FC website. w00t! [...]

My brain will explode.

I feel like my brain will explode. I watched Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith today. Wow. Don't worry, I won't reveal a [...]

Grrr… Darn you, IE!

IE and transparent backgrounds don't work… unless you add some weird Microshaft crap to the code. Of course, you don't have [...]

My Fishies are online!

I'll post a link to their page soon. 🙂 p.s., Alias was sooooo exciting! I actually can't wait for the next episode (season fin [...]


omg omg omg! …to be continued. [...]
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