Monthly Archives: April 2011

Race Recap: She Runs LA 10k

Race: NikePlus She Runs LA Date: April 28th, 2011 Start Time: 9:00AM Location: Cheviot Hills, CA This was not your conventional 10k race whe [...]

Easter surprise!

Happy Easter, He is risen, alleluia, alleluia! Okay so I actually opened the egg above prior to Easter, but I’m re-sharing it because [...]

Bloody motivation

What is it? It’s a big slab of medium rare steak (with apologies to non-meat eaters out there!) Indeed, that is my bloody motivation. [...]

Combined (Training) Timetable

Finally got my training plan, courtesy of Hal Higdon! I wish I knew Hal but for now, I shall pretend he’s an old friend who let me cop [...]

A month!

In (nearly) a month since the LA Marathon, I PR’d my 5K, danced at my friend’s wedding in 4 1/2″ heels, swam in the ocean, [...]

New Build (@karmasalad)

Since I’m still in recovery-mode (feeling better today and I didn’t have to take a second dose of NyQuil last night!), I thought [...]

NyQuil immunity?

Nothing like a sore throat, runny nose & slight chills to remind you of your fragility as a human being! LOL I was half-thinking that I [...]

One Month Anniversary & FiL

Today marks the one-month anniversary of Herman’s death. It’s somewhat difficult to fathom that it has already been thirty days [...]
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