Monthly Archives: May 2010

Updates mashup! Mashup update?

Whoa. Talk about radio silence. I haven’t posted much lately, not because there’s not that much to share but there’s too m [...]

Recap: Bay to Breakers 2010

On Sunday, my sisters, Irene, Dexi and I (with a couple more friends) “ran” the 99th annual Bay to Breakers 12k. I put ran in-be [...]

Blisters heal…

…but glory is FOREVAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Ok, not to gross people out (too late), above is a pic of the blister that bothered me on my 2 [...]

Barefoot Training: 4 miles

I might sound like a broken record but, what a difference the long runs make! I didn’t feel as sluggish for this run as I did last wee [...]

Champion Sunday.

On Sunday, I spent nearly the entire morning cheering on (with some football/soccer friends, the OC Hooligans) my favourite football club in [...]

Mothers’ Day

Happy Mothers’ Day to the bestest Mum in the world! MINE! Muahahahaha. ^_^ [...]

Long Run Training: 20 miles

What can I say? This run sucked. LOL. I was actually having a great run until about 11 miles into it, when I began feeling pain under my rig [...]

Imperfect Heroes

The very word, hero exudes strength, notable achievements, and other noble qualities that one aspires to. Whether a person should be defined [...]

Barefoot Training: 4 miles

What a (negative) difference no running during the weekend makes. 🙁 I didn’t do my 18-mile run on Saturday because of the self-defe [...]

RAD System, recap.

I’m not being vain (this time) ;). The self-defence course I took last weekend, which was graciously hosted by the wonderful Torrance [...]
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