Monthly Archives: September 2009

Too much too soon?

Last night, after a delicious supper comprised of leftovers, whilst watching (for the first time) Indiana Jones  and the Kingdom of the Cr [...]

Long Run Training: 11 miles

I ran my scheduled 11 miles this morning and I was glad it was foggy and somewhat cold (but not cold enough!). I don’t know how to exp [...]

Training Run: 4 miles

Okie, I was supposed to do 5 miles last night but I got too hungry that I decided to turn around early — that and it was super dark an [...]

Still cramming.

It’s been over a decade (actually, just about 11 years and around 4 months) since I’ve graduated from university and I’m s [...]

Long Run Training: 13 miles

Supposed to do 10 miles but ended up walking the final 3 miles to bring the tally up. I was running with sis (Annelle) and it was good  bec [...]


I haven’t ran in a MONTH. I’ve got a half-marathon this October — Long Beach with the patent-patent gals 😉 and then ano [...]
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