Monthly Archives: October 2008

Recovery Run: 6 miles

Notes:If you check the graph below, it seems as if I suffer mostly in the beginning to mid part of my run. After that, I feel like I can jus [...]

Unbeaten Home Record. Shattered.

Chelsea lost to Liverpool. At home. That's all for now. Gotta post my post-running details. [...]

Nike+ Women’s 1/2 Marathon

Notes:Well, I did it. I ran another 1/2 marathon without training. Though I had some pains at some point during the run, it wasn't bad [...]


Seems like I hardly update mi giornale anymore. I'll do my best to keep it fresh as I did in the past but you know, time constraints! B [...]

Paddington Bear's 50th Birfday!

Happy Birfday, Paddington Bear! Can't believe this bear icon is 50 years old. I still recall making my sis Annelle (when she lived in L [...]
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