Monthly Archives: June 2008

Quite the workout.

Had quite another 'physical' weekend. It's funny, cos when I run marathons, I don't consider it much of a physical feat& [...]

Weather respite, et cetera.

Thank the heavens! The weather today was waaaay more tolerable than days past. This evening, I went outside to take out the trash and was gr [...]


So I've decided that I will sign up for the 2009 Hermosa Beach Triathlon; it's in October next year so that gives me PLENTY of tim [...]

Wholesale shopping.

It's fun to shop at Costco; I <3 the huge aisles and aisles of stuff! Like, where else can you get a 6 pound can of corn! That' [...]

In case you missed it

I updated my splash/landing page with the latest image I took this past week. Out of all the photos, this was my fav. Actually, the other ph [...]

My Fourth Marathon Experience

Notes:It's Monday; I slept around 8:30PM last night and got up around 7:30AM this morning. Legs still sore, upper back still sore but m [...]
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