Monthly Archives: February 2008

Laser Quest, Monopoly and Celery.

Nathan (Sharon and Joel's 8-year old boy) had his birthday party at Laser Quest on Saturday and what can I say… I had loads of fu [...]

Spoiled with efficiency; Marathon film

I have to give props to my fav online store, They really are an efficient lot and find myself comparing other online retailers t [...]

Still green.

The mucus I'm coughing up, that is. >_< TMI? Well, it's better out than in and I think I'm finally at the tail-end of t [...]

Live long and tour!

I thought I missed going to Star Trek The Tour @ the Queen Mary in Long Beach but was excited to read that it was extended until the 2nd of [...]

RIP some sites.

SoccerTV.comI used to visit that site a lot of television listings of what else… soccer matches. The original owner sold the domain/et [...]

Hmmm… what's going on.

After breakfast yesterday (read: a glass of chocolate soy milk), I felt something at the back of my throat. It was a slight tingle yesterday [...]

Marathon Training!

My marathon training began last week. LOL. I just found out today when I began planning my training. This is exactly what happened last year [...]

First day of Lent (Ash Wednesday)

…And I'm already contemplating, and probably will, defer going to mass until the evening because there's a football friendly [...]

Attempting to stay awake.

Gotta pick up sis at LAX tonight/this morning and I'm sooooo tired I just wanna sleep and pick her up tomorroz! LOL. It didn't hel [...]


I should probably label this as sick updates — sick in the sense of being ill. It's the third time within a month (starting late [...]
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