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Reusing last year's Halloween Bowl to serve candy = zero dollarsSkittles, Kit-Kat, Snickers, Tootsie Roll and other sweets = 30 dollars [...]

All Hallows Eve

This is the scariest pic (scariest to the point that I don't freak out myself) that I found via Google. ^_^ Happy Halloween all! [...]

Happy Birthday, Ray!

YAY! It's my little (well, not so little) brother's birthday today! He turns…. 30! LOL! Happy Birfday, Ray! [...]

Fire fire and other things.

Been crazy in California this past week: Brush fires everywhere. Amongst the hundred thousands of acres burned across the state, hundreds of [...]

Feed the hungry.

I added 3 more things in my growing list of what I want to do… Check it out on the sidebar or go see me on ^_^ As if I ha [...]


I was fortunate today to have a good 30 minutes break of doing… nothing! Ergo, I went online and landed upon The Wayback Machine. It w [...]

My third half-marathon

Notes:It's Tuesday and the bulk of my muscle soreness is semi-gone. If you click on my category "Running Records" you'll [...]

Congratulations, Leesa!

A hearty congratulations to Leesa/Lisa for completing her first half-marathon on Sunday! YAY! Congrats to my sis Annelle for finishing her 2 [...]

Too much telly?

Monday Chuck (NBC), Heroes (NBC) Tuesday Bones (Fox), Reaper (CW) Wednesday Pushing Daisies (ABC), Gossip Girl (CW), Life (NBC) Thursday Sma [...]

October update!

Thank goodness that September is over. What a nightmare. Anyway, my half-marathon is on Oct. 14 and I hardly ran. Yep, still recovering fro [...]
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