Monthly Archives: July 2007

Training: 3 miles

Notes:Easy 3 miles cos they were run on the elliptical. [...]

Training: Strength + Stretching

Notes:The 1/2 marathon training begins with some stretching and strength (resistance training). So, I did some resistance training with 7lbs [...]

I lost my voice.

After intense cheering, jeering, and chanting last night I have officially lost my voice and am now speaking with a pitch that I have never [...]

HPDH and the Chels!

Got it last night. Haven't read past a few sentences. I think I'm going to wait for my "English" version to arrive befor [...]

HP redux

Saw Harry Potter again today with Andreas and Herman; second time round was just as pleasant. It was neat cos I was able to catch any dialog [...]


Just got back from the cinema — yep, it's about 3AM Pacific. Yes, I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (aka Ha [...]

HP: OOP film!

Going to the cinemas tonight with Sheryl, Maybeth, Jo Nisha, and li'l brudder for a midnight viewing of Harry Potter and the Order of t [...]

Summer breeze.

After days of record temperature (to me anyway), some cool and light breezes are making their way to my room. Soooo happy. It feels like aut [...]
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