Monthly Archives: June 2007

Feel the heat!

It's freakin' hot right now; 80deg Fahrenheit (about 27deg Centigrade). I just have my small monitor lamp for light, along with t [...]

Trippy Dragon.

Can you tell I'm not getting much work done? Anyway, consider this your 15 minute break of the day. 5 minutes to build and construct th [...]

Age of Love

ROFL. I think I have a new tv show to watch/follow. Check it out. Speaking of cheesefest… Yes, Sheryl — I've seen "Cha [...]

Thank God It's Freitag.

Busy week and am happy that the weekend is here! Speaking of Friday… I saw this company's product (bags, etc) and am smitten by i [...]

Happy Birthday, Sheryl!

Atty. Sheryl is now… wait, how old are you? 28? 29? Eeek! Soz, I forget >_< HAVE A GREAT DAY, girl! [...]

Reminiscing + procrastinating

I've been aimlessly browsing the web when I got an email from my sis regarding a particular website… It's sort-of like a MyS [...]

Still awake.

I shouldn't have had a (heavy) late supper. Now I can't sleep. Or maybe it has something to do with watching a certain film on tel [...]

My Third Marathon Experience

Notes:It's Tuesday and I'm still alive! I have yet to unpack, either, as I have been swamped with work ever since returning yester [...]


Per my title. En route, and remotely posting this on my mobile. No worries, I'm not driving. 😉 [...]

Tomorrow morrow.

Back when I was living in the middle east, one additions to my vocabulary was the word "tomorrow morrow" — I remember speaki [...]

Blue is the colour.

Football is the game. Herman, if you're reading this — Chelsea are coming back to the States this summer. And yes, I already have [...]
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