Monthly Archives: August 2005

Errata. Tired.

My mum and Jeandr [...]

Last 2 days.

Well, I'm back, after a week and a half of travelling. I'll be posting photos of the (short) Vegas vaca and Santa Barbara “S [...]

One nil

Drogba scores for the Blues against Arsenal — Lampard assists. W'done, Didier and Frank. W'done. This first battle against [...]

Biting the bullet

Well, my computer, which has been down since I don't know when is now back up… Running Windows XP Pro. *gulp* Yes, I heeded to m [...]

New section!

Yup, a category dedicated to Football (or Soccer, as it is called in the New World). I'm hoping to add the rest of my posts in the past [...]

Matthew Perry

My li'l bro and I went to watch the JP Morgan Chase Open over @ the Home Depot Center, this morning. Actually, it was more like, mornin [...]

El Pr

I was channel surfing this evening and happened to land on TeleMundo (Spanish-language TV). The program currently playing is called, El Pr [...]

Training: 2 Miles

Distance: 2.01 miles (3.21 Kilometres) Time: 0:22:58 Date: August 7th, 2005 Notes: Very short run. I didn't feel like continuing my r [...]

Chelsea wins their first silverware.

Ok, so it was only a friendly; but a friendly against our biggest rivals, the Gunners. Drogba's goals are definitely a sight for sore e [...]
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