Monthly Archives: April 2005

Results: LMU’s Run for the Bay

Event: 10th Annual Loyola Marymount University Run for the Bay Distance: 6.2 miles (10 Kilometres) (actual 6.05 miles) Time: 1:09:05 (Person [...]

It's open season on LA's freeway.

*sigh* The Police say they're unrelated, but that's too much of a coincidence to occur on the SAME freeway, around the SAME area o [...]

Sad. :(

…my bro lent me his copy of Star Wars Clone Wars (Volume 1) on DVD. Anyway, I just watched all 20 chapters of volume 1 and it's q [...]

Chelsea advance! Italian footie woes.

Chelsea advances to the UEFA Champions League semi-finals. Whoever wins (aggregate) in the Juve versus Liverpool 2nd leg will determine who [...]

Leg 2: UEFA Champions League

Ack. I almost missed this one. It's Chelsea versus Bayern M [...]

Dude! The Pope was a modder!

Who says the Catholic church is stuck in the dark ages? Anyway, this information is not new, but I thought of posting it, in the spirit of t [...]

Chores-y Weekend.

Yesterday, my sis and I finally tackled the garden. It was unruly, had too much “overgrowth” and it basically looked like a jung [...]

Chelsea draw.

Ugh. This is what happens when you put a game on Pay-per-view — fans like me who are unable to subscribe to it are unable to watch the [...]

Papal Burial.

I watched the funeral of Pope John Paul II early this morning on CNN. Being familiar with the liturgy, I had a great appreciation for this m [...]

Spring/Summer Movie Lineup

Ok, so here are some films that I want to see on the big screen… I mean, I haven't seen a movie (in a movie theatre) in a while & [...]


I guess when you're busy, time flies. Well, March just flew by and it's already the second week of April! And, for some reason, I [...]