Monthly Archives: December 2004

10K complete.

I did a 10K race this morning, and it was pretty kewl. The weather was lovely, but t'was too warm for my tastes! Of course, we got in t [...]

Results: Christmas Run

Event: The 27th Annual Venice-Marina Christmas Run Distance: 6.2 miles (10 Kilometres) Time: 1:13:42 Bib #: 372 Date: December 12, 2004 [...]


Text to Binary (and vice-versa) converter. RaDragonized, of course 😉 . Linky here [...]

Carbo load!

As if my half-marathon last Sunday wasn't enough, I'm going to run a short race this Saturday. It's the Venice Christmas Run [...]

History Channel.

While working today, I left my TV turned on and flipped through the channels until I hit the History Channel. They had their documentary pro [...]

Veni. Cursus. Vivere.

I came. I ran. I survived. Photos to follow! [...]

Running running…

I'm heading off to OC right now with my sis, Irene, and Vee. Wish us all luck — 13.1 miles of goodness 😛 [...]

New background. 13.1 miles. Et al.

I finally changed the background of my blogger. I can't believe I've stuck to the 'cloud' theme for a while! Hope you li [...]


I got my snowboard. Got my snowboard boots. Some sweet Ride bindings. And a free lift ticket to Big Bear Mountain Resorts. I just need a day [...]

3 days!

There's 3 days left to my OC marathon and I'm kind of freaking out! Today (actually, in 10 minutes), I'm going to run my last [...]

Teddy bearrr!

Original Photo can be found here. [...]