Monthly Archives: March 2003

El grupos

I just wanted to get some notes in during my study break. RE: Groups! I guess I am a sucker for freebies and am a “loyal” consu [...]

Updated… with menu?

I've decided to scrap the psuedo-menu I had before and replaced it with a silly menu… I also added a longer list of “Recent [...]

Chipset cooler woes…

OK, what in the world is up with my chipset cooler?! Less than a year ago, the fan crapped out on me, so I got a new one and what do I see i [...]

I'm so sleepy…

Apparently, it is therapeutic to write to yourself (at least I think it is). Anyway, before I hit my head on the keyboard due to being very [...]

Two additions

It's Friday and I'm indoors! ACK! I was going to play golf this morning but my golfing buddy did not wake up! NOOOOOOO!!! Maybe we [...]

Just moved in

Hullo! Welcome to the *new* and *improved* address-friendly RaDragon website! Yeay! Actually, there's nothing new and improved aside fr [...]

Compliance Auditing…

…is no more! It has ceased to be! *yawn* Okie, it's time for my beauty rest. Hope the following days are sunny And the grass [...]
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