Monthly Archives: March 2010

Review: Vibram Five Fingers (KSO model)

Product name: Vibram Five Fingers Model reviewed: KSO (Pink/Grey); women’s size 35 Price: $85 USD (as of 3/31/2010) I haven’t do [...]

Barefoot Training: 2 miles

I ran (or jogged) with my Vibram Five Fingers today. I was originally planning to do a short half mile (one-miler at the most) but ended up [...]

GGPH: 2nd Annual Board Meeting

The GGPH had their second annual board meeting (LOL) last night @ Back Home in Lahaina (Hawaiian) restaurant. The minutes are as follows: [...]

Brick Training: 16mi bike, 2mi run

First off, this is my first evar brick workout training! wOOt! That being said, planned distance was 20 miles bike and 3 mi run… As yo [...]

Zero week. Earth Hour.

Zero week nearly complete. I literally did nothing during this recovery period, though I was planning on doing a 3-mile walk/run  yesterday [...]

Race Report: Los Angeles Marathon

Where do I begin?! My thoughts are all jumbled up and although I suggested to my sisters (and friends) to make notes throughout the next day [...]

Thank you, Sharoooooooooooooool!

I’ll be typing up my LA Marathon Race Report soon but before all that jazz, I’d like to thank my (padawan) Sheryl for running/wa [...]
ze Brain Farts

LA Marathon Madness!

The weekend of the LA Marathon is here and boy, is it a maddening one! I’m still in the process of packing and putting my playlist tog [...]

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

As you may (or mightn’t) know, I’m not Irish*. That doesn’t stop me from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in my own wa [...]
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